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“Off Season = Great, High Season = Not So Much”

Courtyard by Marriott Halifax Downtown
I have stayed at this hotel twice - once during the off season, and once in September, which is still high season. The two experiences couldn't have been more different.

The first stay was excellent all around. We booked via their website. When we arrived, we were upgraded to a better room, and we were given free breakfast and parking. The staff were friendly and went out of their way to serve us.

The second stay was a nightmare. We booked on the phone and the representative made a huge mistake - he only booked us in one room instead of two (there were five of us staying originally). When we arrived, we spoke to the front desk staff. They gave us a key for one room. We asked about our second room and she said we didn't book one... not that there was an error or something along those lines - that WE didn't book one.

We assured her we did, and we told her the person's name we dealt with and so forth. She said "Well, I don't know who that guy is - he's in a call centre somewhere. And either way, you didn't book two rooms. Check your e-mail confirmation."

The e-mail confirmation had just come through to my friend's Blackberry and it was for the one room only. We understood there was a mix-up, but the entire time the front desk representative blamed us and was incredibly rude about the whole thing.

They offered us nothing. No free parking, no free food, etc. She claimed there were absolutely no other rooms available, and that we'd have to make do.

Luckily, two of the guys stayed with friends, and I had a friend drop off an air mattress. So I paid nearly $100 to sleep on an air mattress.

Everyone we dealt with that night was rude and not helpful.

Luckily, the staff in the morning were pleasant and helpful.

Not sure I'll stay there again though. Also, there is nowhere on their website to send feedback.... ?
5120 Salter St
Halifax, NS
(902) 428-1901

“One of the Best in Halifax”

Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel
This is one of my favourite hotels in Halifax. It is connected to the casino via pedway, and it is a stone's thrown from Halifax institutions like the Lower Deck and Cows Ice Cream.

The hotel itself is large and spacious. The rooms are decently equipped, and the service is excellent.

Interlude Spa is on the premises and it is a favourite of my wife and friends. They have great prices, and they do hair and make-up as well.

44 North is fine dining with great views. The Fife and Drum is a great pub with live music and pub food, though the drinks are very overpriced.

The Harbourfront also features a nice pool, and you can get rooms with patio doors that open right onto the pool deck.

Though the prices are a bit high, they can be worth every penny at this hotel.
1919 Upper Water St
Halifax, NS
(902) 422-5805

“Always a Great Experience”

Cambridge Suites Hotel
We have always had good luck with Cambridge Suites. The rates are reasonable, the staff is attentive, and the location is great - right beside the Citadel, close to Spring Garden, and a crawl from the bars and clubs.

Our rooms have always been clean and well-maintained. The suites are unique - a separate bedroom area and interesting design makes for a nice stay, especially when having guests in.

The only downside during our last visit was Dofsky's Grill. This is the house restaurant, and we decided that rather than venture out in the rain, we would just take the elevator down to the lobby and go to the restaurant attached.

It was one of the worst meals we have ever experienced. There were six of us. We all had different dishes. And not one of them was enjoyable. It was terrible, and we will never eat there again. It's a shame, because this hotel deserves a great restaurant!
1583 Brunswick St
Halifax, NS
(902) 420-0555

“Great Service and Selection”

Moores Clothing
I've had several great experiences at Moore's. Most recently, I stopped in to pick up some tuxedo rentals for my sister's wedding. I realized that I needed a dress shirt and tie as well, and no less than three staff members ended up helping me find some excellent options.

There was a great sale (bogo) on and I got two excellent shirts with matching ties for $100. I got several compliments on the shirt and tie at the wedding, and I'm looking forward to busting out the second pair at christmas time.

The products are high-quality and the staff are knowledgeable. You can definitely get cheaper dress shirts and ties elsewhere, and I often do pick a few up throughout the year, but if you want good quality, you have to pay a bit for it. I plan to return to Moore's - the service and quality is worth the extra price, and it's still a lot cheaper than a lot of men's stores, especially those downtown.
7010 Mumford Rd, SUIT 325
Halifax, NS
(902) 453-6266

“Stop Trying to Up-sell!”

Lacewood Square Dentistry
I have been a patient here for five years. From the very beginning I have found I am gouged during each visit.

Hygienist work is billed per unit, and several hygienists like to talk at great lengths while working on me.. and then I have to pay for all of that time, even though the actual work done took less than half that time.

Then, during the dentist visit I get sales pitches for "Total Care Exams" or something. More x-rays, a head examination, more intense checkup, etc. All of which I would have to pay for... that is, if I actually took the bait. They pressure me and even schedule it in and I have to tell them to cancel it.

Lastly, I am bombarded with sales pitches for electric toothbrushes.

All of this up-selling is ridiculous. Even with insurance, I ended up spending quite a bit of money each year, and I've had enough. Next time, I am going to use my phone to time exactly how long it takes the hygienist to actually do the work, and I am going to flat out tell them to stop trying to sell me on appointments and things I don't need.

I've never had major tooth issues, I have up-to-date xrays, and while I do like my dentist and the front desk staff, I may look elsewhere soon.
10 - 362 Lacewood Dr
Halifax, NS
(902) 443-3228

“Great Doctors, Long Wait”

Lacewood Medical Center
My doctor is based in this office, as is my wife's. We have been patients here since 2005.

When we first started going, both of our doctors were fairly new. They did not have a tonne of patients, and we could usually make convenient appointments.

Things have changed drastically. The doctors have more patients than they can handle, appointments must be made at least two weeks in advance (sometimes a month), and the wait times are horrendous.

My wife once waited two and a half hours for her appointment. And if she would've left without seeing the doctor, she would have been charged for missing an appointment. This is the kind of attitude that is really souring us and has us looking for other doctors.

Unfortunately there are not enough doctors in Nova Scotia, and people are having to wait more and more.

When we actually get in to see our doctors, they are attentive, professional, and effective. We do not want to change doctors.

But time is becoming a precious commodity. When we start having children, it will be quite difficult to block off 3h periods just for a prescription refill.

Doctors need to be salaried and not paid per patient. We need to look at the NHS system in the UK and change our entire system to one that is focused on preventative care and healthy patients. People in our province are often just looking to fix problems rather than change their lifestyles to ensure they are healthy. Doctors can help this positive change, but only if they are given the time and incentives to do so.
366 Lacewood Dr
Halifax, NS
(902) 445-9400

“A Halifax Institution”

Taz Records Inc
Taz Records has been offering up vinyl for a very long time. Customers are often fiercely loyal. The selection is enormous, and it's easy to spend hours browsing.

I have always been able to find what I am looking for at Taz. The only problem is that I can never find it at a decent price.

You pay through the nose for that excellent selection and funky vibe. Unfortunately, it's been prohibitive in me really supporting the place as much as I would like.

I still buy tonnes of music and I love supporting local businesses, but I can't go broke doing it.

Definitely worth a look though - you won't be disappointed by the sheer amount of music you will find.
1593 Market St
Halifax, NS
(902) 422-5976

“One of Few Still Standing”

Hmv Retail Locations
Music stores are a dying breed. Sam the Record Man was a Halifax institution. I spent many Saturday afternoons perusing the huge MusicWorld in the mall when I was younger. And HMV on Spring Garden used to be music and movie mecca.

A few years ago, they cut the size of the store by more than half. Maybe even 2/3 or more. Their selection has dwindled, and their focus has changed. They have a little bit of everything rather than a lot of anything.

You can buy CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, video games, books, headphones, and more. But you might not be able to find a rare album you're looking for. They can order it in though...

Having said that, I can still usually find what I'm looking for at HMV, and the prices have dropped in the past few years to be quite reasonable. They always have excellent sales (2 for $15, $20, $25, $30 that you can mix and match, etc.), and new releases are priced well.

Their Blu-ray selection is quite good, but the prices are not. Music is priced well, but Blu-ray is mostly out of reach for me. I buy my Blu-rays mostly online - it's the only place where I can pay what I think they're worth. $40 for a movie is ridiculous.

The staff at HMV are helpful and friendly, and I always have a good shopping experience.

There is also an excellent local music section. They have tonnes of local albums at decent prices.

Overall, HMV is doing enough to survive - unfortunately people who are willing to pay for music and physical copies are becoming few and far between. I still buy music and I plan to for a very long time - won't you join me? :)
Spring Garden Rd
Halifax, NS
(902) 425-1084

“Not Overly Impressed”

Moxie's Classic Grill
I have to say, this restaurant was hyped quite a bit to me. The commercials, reviews on other sites, and even comments from friends and family.

I went for lunch and I left completely unimpressed.

First, I think the restaurant takes itself way to seriously. It's in the middle of a business park - some of its neighbours include Costco, Swiss Chalet, and Selloffvacations.com. It's hard to be upscale in that environment.

The servers were dressed to the nines, mostly in short skirts, low-cut tops, and pumps. I'm sure the eye candy helps sales a bit, but it's too bad they focus on looks rather than ability. Our server was inattentive and actually fairly rude near the end of the meal. It wasn't busy at all, and we barely asked for anything - definitely nothing out of the ordinary.

The atmosphere is upscale. The bathrooms are insanely gorgeous. The decor is quite nice. I just couldn't shake the feeling that it was all a bit too much though. If this place was tucked into a nice location downtown, and the building had actual character, I think it would be a lot better... This location is just too new and "created." Fake, I guess.

This would all be moot if the food blew me away, but it really didn't. I couldn't believe the prices we were paying for the food that was in front of us. Absolutely ridiculous. Maybe some of the fancier dinner entrees are worth the crazy cash, but believe me most of the menu is not.

I'll give Moxie's three stars, only because it is trying to change the chain restaurant landscape a bit. I just feel people are flocking to this place because they feel fancy eating there and can brag that they blew a bunch of money at Moxie's rather than Jack Astor's. To me, they're all the same. They're mostly c@!p.
9 Countryview Drive
Dartmouth, NS
(902) 406-0044

“Not Eating Here Again”

I have come to the conclusion that I have given Subway restaurants far too much of my money throughout the years. It began in university - there was a $5 sub deal with a free soft drink. And they had the sub card program. I got hooked. It was a good alternative to greasy pizza and overpriced pub food.

However, as I visit more restaurants I realize that you can get a lot more for your money than when you blow $12 at Subway.

While the ingredients are mostly fresh, it still doesn't justify the outrageous pricing for most items on the menu. I still buy a Roasted Chicken from time to time, but not at this particular location.

I have had three bad experiences at this location. I wrote two letters to Subway. I got one response - someone called me to ask which location I was talking about. I told her and she said "There is no Subway at that address or near that location, I don't know what you are talking about, but without that information there is nothing I can do."

I gave up trying to complain and have simply just avoided this location. If I'm really hungry in Bayer's Lake, I'll stop into Quiznos. Otherwise I'll just wait until I get home, or hop down to the Redwood or other restaurants where $12 gets you a whole lot more.
209 Chain Lake Dr
Halifax, NS
(902) 450-0024

“So Much Fresh Fruit!”

Cora's Breakfast & Lunch
When people think of breakfast in Halifax, they think of three places - anywhere with a decent, cheap Brunch, Smitty's, and Cora's. While I do enjoy several places that feature excellent brunches, I love splurging on Cora's from time to time.

Cora's began in Quebec and has slowly expanded across the country. Their menu is nearly overwhelming, but the main dishes revolve around crepes, eggs, and fruit.

The crepes are incredible. You can get them loaded up with whipped cream and fruit or how about a crepeomelete au gratin?

There are lots of egg options, but most people swear by the creamy eggs benny.

Finally, there is fresh fruit. A lot of it. It really is staggering when you order a dish like the Seven of July - it features french toast, crepes, and a huge mound of fresh fruit. Strawberries, bananas, pineapple, grapes, melon, etc. All bursting with juices, crisp and delicious.

While the prices are slightly higher ($9-12 for most dishes), I think it's a worthwhile investment now and again!
287 Lacewood Dr
Halifax, NS
(902) 457-2672

“Delicious, Delectable... Just Darn Good”

Jane's on the common
Jane's is a rare gem. It's a tiny restaurant overlooking the Commons that serves high-end, high-quality food at fair prices.

Everyone I know who has eaten at Jane's has enjoyed their experience, even if it included waiting outside for a half an hour or more on a busy day. You should be prepared to wait, but it's worth it!

Jane's uses fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. They also put interesting spins on familiar dishes - one needn't look any further than their unique twist on a grilled cheese sandwich to realize how creative they are.

Brunch is to die for, you can't go wrong with lunch, and people sing the praises of the entrees. Dessert is yummy as well, and their wine list is small but effective, including some organic wines.

Do yourself a favour and get ye to Jane's soon. You won't regret it.
2053 Gottingen St
Halifax, NS
(902) 431-5683

“Delicious All Around”

Pete's and European Delicatessen
Pete's is a produce-lovers paradise. And salad-lovers, sandwich-lovers, gelato-lovers, and general food-lovers won't be disappointed either.

Pete's has a fantastic selection of fruit and vegetables, with a focus on organic as well as local whenever possible.

The best thing about Pete's for me is the QUALITY of the products. Red peppers are plump, shiny, bulbous morsels. Everything is fresh and it all looks great.

It does cost more than pretty much any other grocery store, but for most items the quality is worth that costs.

They also make incredible salads. So much so that they have won Best Salad in Halifax a few times (via The Coast). Their sandwiches are lovely, and their house-made gelato is scrumptious.

Indulge yourself at Pete's every once in a while - it's worth it.
1515 Dresden Row
Halifax, NS
(902) 425-5700

“Clean, Fast, and Great in a Pinch”

Timberlea Corner Store Ultramar
This station is close to where I live, so I end up buying most of my gas here. The store and its bathrooms are always very clean.

The staff is always friendly, even early in the morning and late at night. There is more of a local store feel to this location, as opposed to the locations closer to the city core.

Being an Ultramar Corner Store location, I have a card that offers a few cents off per litre. This is often enough for a coffee or a pack of gum with each fill up. Not a crazy savings, but a nice touch - and it keeps me from stopping at the Irving on the way home.

Though I'd love to not have to stop here for gas as often as I do, I always enjoy the experience. It's also been great in a pinch when I need milk or snack foods - both of which are decently priced most times.
1830 Bay Rd
Halifax, NS
(902) 876-8404

“I Do Most of My Shopping Here”

Atlantic Superstore
This Superstore location is the closest grocery store to my home. I really like PC products, especially Blue Menu, and I find the prices very fair at Superstore.

The produce can often leave much to be desired. I try and buy local produce from farmer's markets and veggie stands when at all possible - not only to support local folks, but to get better food at better prices.

Overall, this store is bright and well laid out, and it offers a good shopping experience. I can often find just about everything I need on a weekly basis here without having to run to another grocery store or make a trip to Canadian Tire, etc.

I do wish this location offered programs like those at the Joseph Howe location (cooking and other classes, etc.).
3601 Joseph Howe Drive
Halifax, NS
(902) 453-1080

“Good Canadian Fast Food”

I've given way too much money to Subway chains. Quiznos uses higher quality ingredients, and has a much more interesting menu.

While I would still rather spend $10 at an actual, local restaurant, sometimes when I'm on the go fast food is necessary.

Quiznos is a great option for those who need to grab something on the go. A great menu with different sizes and types of sandwiches, and again, quality ingredients.

My favourite is the Mesquite Chicken.
Dresden Row
Halifax, NS
(902) 420-1594

“Three Terrible Experiences in a Row”

Boston Pizza
I will never set foot in another Boston Pizza if I can help it. I visited this location three separate times, several months apart, and each time I was blown away by how terrible the experience was.

The food is terrible, except for the pizza. It is mostly frozen boxed stuff that is reheated. Even then, I had lukewarm food twice.

The hostess was always very friendly and great, but the wait staff leaves so much to be desired. Inattentive is the best way I can describe them.

The third visit was the worst. It's a long story, but here's the short version - two people never received their food, the waitress gave the dishes to another table and was too embarrassed to tell us, the food we did received was terrible, and they charged us full price for it (albeit along with an offer for two free meals for the ones that didn't arrive).

The manager was very receptive to my criticisms after I sent an e-mail (he wasn't in during the visit), but I just can't support this restaurant.

The food is terrible and everything is completely overpriced. That might be okay if the service was excellent and the atmosphere was desirable, but neither is true, so I will take my business elsewhere.
194A Chain Lake Dr
Halifax, NS
(902) 450-0450

“One of My Favourite Restaurants in Halifax”

Il Mercato Ristorante
I have never had a bad experience at Il Mercato. The staff is attentive and friendly, and the food is consistently delicious.

The prices are decent, especially for the quality of the food. It's not a place I can visit all the time, but it's nice to semi-splurge from time to time.

Their wine list is great, and their desserts are scrumptious, especially the gelato.

I do wish they had a lunch menu. They could really make a killing with their location if they had more affordable options during lunch.
5650 Spring Garden Rd
Halifax, NS
(902) 422-2866

“Excellent Service”

Hillcrest Volkswagon
We purchased a 2002 Passat from here in 2006. Our salesperson was fantastic - he even took a trip down to the valley to get a signature we needed from my in-laws.

Since then, the service department has been attentive and friendly. The courtesy calls afterwards are appreciated and I feel that they take customer responses very seriously.

They also mail out great offers from time to time.

If my next car is a VW, I will buy from here again.

Unfortunately, as with most dealerships, the cost of service is quite high for most repairs.
3154 Robie St
Halifax, NS
(902) 453-2790

“Good Service at a Fair Price”

Harrington's is consistently cheaper than the dealer (Hillcrest VW down the road), and they are friendly and efficient.

My only complaint is that twice I have made an appointment, only to show up and be told they have no record of said appointment.

I'd take my business elsewhere if they didn't do such good work at a decent price.
6041 Stairs St
Halifax, NS
(902) 453-4272

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