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“Great food”

One King West Hotel & Residence
Although I did not spend the night at this hotel, I did have dinner in the lobby bar while visiting a friend who was staying there (the actual restaurant down in what appears to be an old bank vault closed early, so we ate in the bar section). The food was incredible, though it was pricey and the portions were a bit small for the cost. While the service was kind of slow (we were sitting for about 30 minutes before someone even came around to ask us about drinks), the wait staff were very friendly and accommodating, and I would definitely stay at that hotel in the future.
1 King Street West
Toronto, ON
(416) 548-8100

“Great service and customer care”

Sunglass Hut International
I went to Sunglass Hut to grab a present, because someone I had been Christmas shopping with saw a pair of glasses he really liked. When I returned to buy them, they had been moved, so I was really glad that the woman working was so helpful and nice, because when I told her where they had been, she figured out which ones they were and found the exact pair I was looking for. She was also very helpful about telling me about the warranty, gave me all the extra pieces that came with the glasses, and put it all together in a nice case.
900 Maple
Burlington, ON
(905) 333-9424

“So many strange and interesting infomercial products!”

As Seen On Tv Store
The As Seen On TV Store is a great place to buy gifts (gag gifts and serious ones), and, as the name suggests, they carry all the strange and sometimes wonderful products you seen on late-night infomercials and thought you could only buy over the phone. While some of what they carry is obviously a sham, they do also have some really great and handy products, and at pretty reasonable prices too! I also like that they have as many products as possible on display, so that you can actually see the items and test them out before you buy. But on the other hand, they had a few products there that didn’t have any sort of box, packaging, or information to explain what it was, which was somewhat frustrating and really bad marketing.
777 Guelph Line
Burlington, ON
(289) 337-1515

“Great food, slow service”

Lick's Ice Cream & Burger
This Lick’s location is definitely the most disappointing experience I have ever had with this restaurant, because the service was incredibly slow, the store was nearly deserted, and the employees seemed very bored. Overall, though, the food is always good (but pricey), and they do have a lot of food on the menu that you cannot find at other fast food places, like turkey burgers, meat and vegetarian chilli, and they definitely make one of the best veggie burgers around.
548 Trafalgar Rd
Oakville, ON
(905) 338-5815

“Excellent food, but slow service”

Imi Japanese Cuisine
Saga Sushi’s all-you-can-eat sushi menu has an extensive list of options, including different types of sashimi, sushi rolls and hand rolls, teriyaki and noodle dishes, tempura, appetizers, beer, wine, and pop, and even a couple types of ice cream for dessert. The food itself is delicious, prepared fresh in the middle of the restaurant where you can see, and is served with pickled ginger and wasabi. There is definitely a bit of a language barrier with most of the staff who work there, and since there are not too many descriptions on the menu itself, it can be difficult to figure out what different things are unless you actually just order them. Sometimes the service can be slow and a bit unfriendly, but the food is excellent, reasonably priced, and eventually someone will always come around to see if you want to order more food or drinks.
2011 Plains rd E #1
Burlington, ON
(905) 633-9988

“Fresh food, awesome toppings, and worth the money!”

South St Burger Co
A friend of mine recommended South St. Burgers, saying they had excellent food, so I decided to try out their veggie burger. I was a little disappointed when the staff working there had no idea what ingredients were in the buns, but at least they offer a no-bun option, and instead put your burger and toppings in a separate plastic container. It was also really cool that the fries they serve are New York Fries, and the meat they use for their burgers is 100% beef that comes from naturally raised cows that are hormone and antibiotic free. They offer tons of toppings that you wouldn’t find at regular fast food places, like several types of relish, guacamole, different kinds of onions, mustards, and ketchups, and several varieties of cheese. The place was incredibly busy (and smoky!) when I went, but it is run very efficiently and the service was still quick, and I really like that the food does not sit under hot lamps waiting to be served, because all the food is made to order.
738 Burloak Dr
Burlington, ON
(905) 637-5409

“Nice shoes, good prices, and friendly staff”

Coco Shoes
I was very happy and relieved when I went into Coco and found that they are one of the few shoe stores in the area that carry synthetic winter boots. And on top of that, they had a no-tax sale going on, which means I got to save quite a bit of money on footwear that was already reasonably priced! The people working there were very helpful and nice, and also very efficient about finding out answers to my questions, getting different shoe sizes to try on, and helping me find what I was looking for.
777 Guelph Line
Burlington, ON
(905) 631-0101

“Expensive, but excellent food and atmosphere”

Keg Steakhouse And Bar
I went to the Keg for dinner and while I was very impressed with the restaurant, food, and décor, the service could have been a little better. Our server was very nice, attentive, and accommodating (he let me order fajitas, which were on the bar menu but not the dinner menu), but the meal itself came with things I had requested to be removed, and there were no serving utensils or plates brought out with the food. Aside from that, however, the restaurant itself is great! It is quite pricey, but the dark wood panelling, dim lights, large booths, and huge fireplace make it an incredibly cozy and ambient place to eat, and there is even a particular section they reserve for large parties, which would make it an excellent restaurant to host a celebration.
300 Hays Blvd
Oakville, ON
(905) 257-2700

“Convenient but expensive”

World Of Water
The people who work at World of Water are very nice, helpful, and knowledgeable about their products, and since all the water bottles are prefilled, it only takes a few seconds to run in and grab water, especially if you have a prepaid account with them. But at the same time, because the bottles are already filled, sometimes you wonder how long they have been sitting there. Also, although it is quick and convenient to get what you need, they definitely charge quite a bit more for their water than some of the competitors in the area.
511 Maple Grove Dr
Oakville, ON
(905) 337-1656

“An updated store with the same great selection”

Canadian Tire Store
This Canadian Tire store is quite new, and even though it still has that same Canadian Tire feel to it (with the layout, storage and display methods, etc.) it is much cleaner, more spacious, more updated, and overall a whole lot nicer than some of the other locations out there! Because of the size of this new store, they have huge sections for their different departments, and have a great selection of things like seasonal decorations, kitchen wear, auto parts, tools, camping gear, and pet supplies. There is actually even a Mark’s Work Warehouse contained within the Canadian Tire that sells its own clothes and accessories, so this is actually a great store for one-stop shopping of all kinds.
1100 Kerr St
Oakville, ON
(905) 842-1834

“Great gifts but kind of pricey”

Body & Bath II
Bath and Body II is a neat little store that carries a great selection of luxurious soaps, creams, and bath accessories, as well as a great assortment of jewellery, knit blankets, ornaments, and even gift packs of seasonal foods like cheese and warm drinks. I found the prices to be rather high, because while stores that carry similar products are often expensive as well, the competitors usually offer a specialty product (such as made in Canada, or with specific or organic ingredients), and I couldn’t find anything distinguishing about the products here to justify the price. But even still, the products they carry are very nice, the woman working seemed very friendly, and it would be a great place to get a really great gift for somebody.
1515 Rebecca St
Oakville, ON
(905) 465-3981

“An excellent selection of beers”

Every time I visit a different LCBO location, I realize that certain locations seem to cater to different tastes, and this particular LCBO has a massive collection of beers from around the world. They still have a great selection of wines and other alcohol as well, but the section they have set aside for national, international, and specialty beers is excellent. Like some LCBO stores, it can be somewhat difficult to find particular products without asking for help, but at least they have signs posted all over the store to let you know the general vicinity for various types of alcohol.
Oakville, ON
(905) 257-6300

“Selling all of life's necessities, and even electronics”

This particular Shoppers Drug Mart is very similar to the others in terms of their stock, services (such as the pharmacy and photo department), and even layout, but what struck me was that they have started carrying a wide array of electronics, and have also started trying to cater to the holiday gift market. Along with selling things life gift sets and cards, they have also started selling game consoles and accessories, electronic instruments, and wireless battery chargers for multiple devices. The prices seem to be comparable to other stores that carry similar items, but it is quite convenient to be able to buy such things in places that also sell everyday necessities.
2297 Lakeshore Rd W
Oakville, ON
(905) 827-1561

“Good food and service”

Kelsey's Bar And Grill
I went to Kelsey’s for dinner and was quite happy with the service and the food. Going right at dinner time on a weekend meant that there was a bit of a wait, but the service was still efficient and considerably quick. The waitress was very obliging and very helpful in terms of helping our party find out nutritional information about the menu items and helping to accommodate dietary needs. Overall, the food was good and reasonably priced. Because of the layout of the restaurant, though, it can get quite loud, especially at really busy times.
301 Hays Blvd
Oakville, ON
(905) 257-5313

“A nice neighbourhood pub”

King's Arms The
The King's Arms is a cool pub (decorated in traditional Canadian pub decor), has good service, a good selection on their menu, and a decent selection of beers on tap. Although the outside appeared to be undergoing renovations, they also have a really nice and secluded patio setup for the summertime. They also have several televisions inside, and play various sports games throughout the night. The only thing that I didn't like was that the music was quite loud, which made it difficult even to hear someone sitting across the table.
Oakville, ON
(905) 845-1010

“Great for holiday decorations”

Carlton Cards
I ran into Carleton Cards only because they had a huge 50% off sale going on, and realized that on top of having greeting cards for almost every possible occasion, they also carry a huge selection of seasonal trinkets, ornaments, and decorations. Right now, with Christmas coming, they have things like tree ornaments, napkins, candles, and even festive martini glasses. Although I found the greeting card prices a little high (though comparable with other similar stores) it is still a really great place to go for fun seasonal or holiday knick knacks.
Hopedale Mall
Oakville, ON
(905) 827-3614

“Excellent food, fantastic beer, awesome place!”

Mill Street Brewery
The Mill Street Brew Pub is an awesome place to go for excellent beer and incredible food. The place was complete packed when I visited, but the service was still very quick. It’s a rather large restaurant that is also the Mill Street brewery, so all the beer they have on tap is made right there, and you can certainly taste how fresh it is. They have an amazing raspberry wheat beer on tap, and although the place is kind of pricey (considering the beer is made on-site), it is still a great restaurant for special night out, and is located right in the beautiful distillery district.
Toronto, ON
(416) 681-0338

“Great food, comfortable atmosphere”

Tikki Tikka Indian Bistro
This is a great place to get some really good Indian food! There weren’t many people in the restaurant when I visited, but the food was good, the service was quick, and the place was very cozy and decorated with warm colours and ambient lighting. Most of the menu is similar to other Indian restaurants, aside from the fact that they have a wood oven and, therefore, have some tasty looking pizzas on the menu, and also make some excellent naan.
2057 Royal Windso Dr
Mississauga, ON
(905) 823-2000

“Awesome nightclub but not too great for concerts”

Docks Restaurant & Night Club The
I recently saw a concert at the Sound Academy, and must say I was kind of disappointed in the venue. The sound was good, and it was a small and somewhat intimate venue, but because of the shape of the concert hall (it’s a long rectangular configuration) it is nearly impossible to get close to the stage, and there always seems to be a pillar blocking part of your view. They do have two bars inside, which makes it relatively easy to get drinks quickly, and the setting itself is beautiful (right on the lake facing one of the islands) and the huge patio would be an excellent place to hang out in the summer, so it’s just too bad it’s not the greatest place for a concert with a view.
11 Polson St
Toronto, ON
(416) 461-3625

“Cool ambiance and good food”

Milestones Grill & Bar
The atmosphere at Milestones is great, with the dim but still sufficient lighting, the dark colours, cool décor, and cozy fireplaces throughout the restaurant. I was there with a fairly large party, and while the service was a little slow, the wait staff were very kind and attentive, and very helpful about accommodating dietary needs. They even brought around complimentary desserts for the people celebrating birthdays, and thankfully without the showy song and clapping and entourage of employees! The meal itself was great too, with lots of choices on the menu, fresh ingredients, and large portions, and everyone was happy with their food.
3529 Wyecroft Rd.
Oakville, ON
(905) 827-6955

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