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“Awesomely amazing”

Ontario Place
Ontario Place is great; there are tons of ride and games and fun stuff to do there. For kids there are the the H20 Generation Center and Atom Blaster, among many. The H20 Generation Center is the largest climbing structure in the country and is a great place to amuse kids, its plethora of tunnels and slides and mazes are bound to entice and occupy a kid. The Atom Blaster is a place that contains an unlimited quantity of foam balls that kids can shoot, tip, blow, slide etc and is extremely fun.
For older people, there's the Super Slide, Wilderness Adventure ride, and Free fall, three exhilaratingly awesome rides that will excite you to no end.
If you don't like rides, check out Soak City, where plenty of water action is happening-- form twisting plunging water slides to an interactive water park for kids, Soak City has something for everyone (though the lines are quite long).
For little kids, there's Microkids, where your little one can draw and color with an unlimited supply of toxic-free crayons and markers, Power Wheels Race Track, where you can race around and OP Driving School For Kids!
Ontario Place is full of fun!
955 Lake Shore Blvd W
Toronto, ON
(416) 314-9977

“Artful, Fascinating, Amusing”

Gardiner Museum Of Ceramic Art
I went to the Gardiner Museum this summer and it was really quite fun. There was ceramic everything-- cutlery, little figurines, art, sculptures etc from all over the ages and all over the world. There was cutlery from China, various figurines of dancing mice (?) and singing monkeys and a fat lazing purring cat teapot, and a whole collection on Italian figurines from opera or something and there were all types of ancient artefacts and sculptures and it was just all very interesting and pretty and amusing to look at. There was a really nice sculpture or something, it was too giant vases, placed side by side, so that the space between formed the forms of a boy and girl! At first I couldn't see it but when I did it was extremely exciting. In the basement, there were exhibitions of art done by visitors, and lots of them were all very masterful and great too. The gift shop was also full of --of course-- ceramics, very pretty and interesting ones too, just that they were a tad expensive, I treated that as a museum too and didn't buy anything but just looked.. The Gardiner museum was a very good experience, and I recommend it (though picture-taking wasn't allowed, something in which I was severely disappointed).
111 Queens Pk
Toronto, ON
(416) 586-8080

“Interesting (Though not Extremely)”

Bata Shoe Museum The
I went to the Bata Shoe Museum this summer with a free pass from Toronto Public Library and though not extremely exciting nor fascinating, it was good and pretty fun. It was interesting to see all the different types of shoes worn-- the Egyptian sandals (?), the tiny Chinese shoes that looked so gruesome I felt sick just looking at them, the fashionable renaissance shoes, the glass shoes, plus some footprints of some famous people-- I was surprised at how SMALL Gandhi's foot was! There was a gift shop with cards and books and various other items all about shoes and it was all very interesting. Though not extremely good experience, okay and interesting.
327 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON
(416) 979-7799

“Fascinatingly Fun”

Royal Ontario Museum
I usually go to the ROM every year, and it was especially exciting the last time I went, as the ROM had just recently undergone renovations and looked completely different. It was amazing, seeing the newly built structure for the first time; the modern glass structure glinted in the sun and the sheer size and advanced visage of it took my breath away. Though not extremely good-looking, it is very awesome. The exhibitions were just as great, I loved the bat cave, the birds exhibition, the snake exhibition, the dinosaur exhibition (though I still don't find dinosaurs that interesting), the Egyptian exhibition, where the creepy wraith-like mummies, though pretty cool, REALLY gave me the creeps, the China exhibition with all the glassware and ancient cups and stuff, the room with the great gold domed arched ceiling, the Roman/Greece (?) exhibit with all the statues... etc. Overall ROM is a very fascinating and interesting place to visit, and contains much epic stuff.
100 Queens Pk
Toronto, ON
(416) 586-8000

“LEARNED (practically) NOTHING! (and I mean that literally)”

Runnymede Jr & Sr PS
I go to Runnymede PS, so I have a firsthand account. I was in the gifted program, but it seemed to me as if we learned less than the normal classes did! I think a lot of the trouble was that they had trouble finding a teacher suitable, the results were disastrous. In Grade 4, we had an okay teacher, she taught us stuff but sometimes couldn't control the class. In Grade 5, we got a really lousy teacher who didn't really teach us anything. The classroom was always a mess and he-- he just wasn't fit for the job. That year we literally learned practically nothing. In fact, the teacher was so lousy my report cards for 2nd and 3rd term were exactly the same! He didn't even bother to write another one! It grieves me to think of all the time wasted. In Grade 6, we got another not-able-to-control-class teacher, and because of that we didn't learn much. Again. Finally in Grade 7 we hit a stroke of luck. Mrs. M was truly amazing! She was funny and smart and taught us a lot. However French over the years was also very unproductive. Gym was regular. In Drama we were supposed to learn singing and sing regularly but we practically never did. Art was bad and practically nonexistent till Grade 7 when we got a really good art teacher. Science started in Grade 7 and we learned a bit. Computer Lab I didn't learn anything, we practically did nothing.
Overall my opinion of Runnymede is not good at all. The teachers were all very unproductive about teaching and the kids there were sometimes really snobby. I would not recommend it.
And I'm not lying or joking, and I don't hate all the teachers because I was bad in school or anything. I'm was a straight A student.
But, the gifted program was something new, it was an aberration, so I guess maybe the normal classes are better. Still, regardless, I do not have very cordial feelings towards Runnymede.
357 Runnymede Rd
Toronto, ON
(416) 393-9055

“Fine but someone pushed me and I got hurt badly and no one bothered to press charges.”

Indian Road Crescent Jr PS
I went to Indian Road in Grade 3. The people there were welcoming and nice. Because there were three Chinese people and one Vietnamese person in the class, I fit in right away. However, there were some bad things too. A sort of bully person, actually he wasn't really a bully, he just thought himself the best or something, actually I don't think he was that right in the head, anyways, he was very annoying and mean and once in winter he pushed me down this slope thing and I fell and my back and wrist got hurt and I coudln't breath for a couple of seconds because my spine got put in the wrong position when I fell. However I was quite timid and shy so didn't tell on him. Other than him however, it was a good experience; my teacher was nice and though i don't really remember her teaching us much (though that may just be because of my forgetfulness), she was very fun and nice. The principle was also very welcoming. In gym I remember we were always too loud and we nearly always didn't do anything but got yelled at and I was mad at that because I was always quiet, but overall everything was fine.
285 Indian Road Cres
Toronto, ON
(416) 393-9025

“Halloween costumes!”

Sells usual snacks, magazines, makeup, stationary stuff, drinks etc. plus Halloween costumes. Affordable and great when on sale. Good for Halloween costumes. Last time I went there it was to buy some Lays chips and toilet paper that were on sale. Also variety of makeup. Overall good.
2440 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON
(416) 536-0220


Price Chopper
Price Chopper contains Deli, and sells all the usual groceries and magazines and various foods & snacks. It is affordable (Price Chopper, duh) and is overall good.
2400 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON
(416) 516-3550

“Bit Expensive but Overall Good.”

Loblaws is, though I think quite expensive, a suitably fine store. Everything there is clean and bright and there's lots of variety. From fruits & veges, to a pharmacy, to fish and meats to snacks, plus magazines and cakes and sweets, everything you can eat is there for you to see. There is usually always a cart there with stuff that's going to expire in about 5 days and it's real cheap, you can get a box-full of croissants, about 6 for just $1.99. Also, there is a change-change machine, in which you pour in all your change and it changes your change (no pun intended) into bills. Overall, Loblaws is good, but a bit expensive for my tastes.
2280 Dundas W
Toronto, ON
(416) 533-4078

“Everything and Afforadable”

Zellers Inc
Zellers has everything: food, snacks, clothes, toys, electronics, shoes, bikes, furniture, office material/stationary stuff, jewelery etc. and at a reasonable affordable price too. And when something's on sale, it's real cheap. Also, there are washrooms there. Because it's in a remote sort of place ,there usually aren't many people there, which makes for a short line-up (if any).
Last time I went to Zellers was for Back to School Shopping; there's just about everything you need there-- binders, blank & lined paper, pencils, rulers (even wood ones!), report covers, notebooks, work books etc. I got everything I needed, and for a very low price. The report covers were just 10 cents each, the binders 78 cents, the 80 Hilroy page notebooks just about 29 cents! There were even wood rulers, which I myself, fro some reason, like better than plastic ones, bendy, shatterproof, wood beats them all. However, while it said on the flyer that the wood rulers were supposed to be 19 cents, when i bought it it was 77 cents, and I'm sure I saw the flyer dates and item and price right. However, I did pursue the mistake.
Overall Zellers is great!
2290 Dundas W
Toronto, ON
(416) 534-9231

“Okay, But No Variety”

High Park Branch Public Library
I went to High Park library to return some books, as it was the closest to my home. The library there is small and doesn't have a great selection of books but is okay in general.
228 Roncesvalles Ave
Toronto, ON
(416) 393-7671

“GREAT Experience!”

I went to Bluenotes on Boxing Day and just about EVERYTHING was on sale. So many people were there they had to have a barricade adn a guard to let people in occasionally! Everything was stylish and affordable. Bluenotes is a great store to shop in.
Scarborough Town C
Toronto, ON
(416) 296-2114

“Sorta Expensive but Some Deals”

La Senza
I went to La Senza on Boxing Day and got some great deals. I got 2 shirts for $4.50 and $5.50, respectively. Everything else was pretty expensive though but there were still many deals and the customer service was good.
Scarborough Town C
Toronto, ON
(416) 290-5236

“Shopping Spree”

Scarborough Town Centre
I went to Scarborough Town Center on Boxing Day and it was totally worth it. There was a plethora of stores there that had just about everything on sale. It was hard to decide with so many choices but I ended up with a pair of Emus for only $90 and various clothing very cheap too. The variety there is great and there's lots of affordable yet good stuff.
300 Borough Dr
Toronto, ON
(416) 296-0296

“Shopping Spree”

Scarborough Town Center
I went to Scarborough Town Center on Boxing Day and it was totally worth it. There was a plethora of stores there that had just about everything on sale. It was hard to decide with so many choices but I ended up with a pair of Emus for only $90 and various clothing very cheap too. The variety there is great and there's lots of affordable yet good stuff.
300 Borough Dr
Toronto, ON
(416) 296-1390

“Everything You Need-- and Afforadable”

I went to Dufferin Mall with my mom and we always go to Walmart. There we bought some bottled water and printed some photos. Walmart is cheap and affordable and has everything you need, including Vision Centre, Photo Center and much more.
Dufferin Mall
Toronto, ON
(416) 537-2561

“Stylish and Inexpensive”

H & R Block
I went shopping with my mom at Dufferin Mall and we always go to H&M there. The clothes are stylish and when there are sales they are really inexpensive. We bought some tank tops for $2 each and a pair of pretty braided flip flops that were $5. H&M is affordable and stylish and the customer service is great.
900 Dufferin St
Toronto, ON
(416) 533-6422

“Everything in One Place”

Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre
I went to Vaughan Mills with my parents. We didn't buy anything but we window shopped and it was amazing how big the mall was and just how many stores there were! Vaughan is a good mall to shop for anything, it practically has everything, even a go-kart place!
1 Bass Pro Mills Dr
Thornhill, ON
(905) 879-2110

“Bad Service.”

I was again, really really hungry after school, so decided to visit the Dundas West subway station McDonald's. I was also craving ice cream, so I got a strawberry sundae. Unfortunately the clerk filled it up not full to the brim at all, in fact the top of the ice cream was about 3 cm from the top, as opposed to other McDonald's, where they fill it to the brim. It was poor customer service and I was not satisfied with my food either. Perhaps I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong clerk but still that did not leave me with very cordial feeling with that particular McDonald's.
2365 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON
(416) 536-3715

“Good but Don't Eat There Everyday”

I was really really hungry after school that day and didn't want to spend too much money on just a snack, so I went to McDonald's. After waiting in the moderately long line, I got a strawberry sundae with peanuts and small fries. The sundae was filled to the brim and although too salty for my tastes, the fries were fine too. Though generally not really healthy, McDonald's is okay for eating in once in a while I'd say. I was satisfied with the service and food at McDonald's and would recommend it once in while maybe.
2218 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON
(416) 762-9949

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