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“Better than Mandarin”

Red Maple Chinese Buffet
Better service than Madarin, and better food than Madarin. Clean utinsels and plates. The food is fresher. Not dry.
Appleby Line
Burlington, ON
(905) 319-3388

“Bad service and non-fresh goods.”

I mind as well walk to a No Frills in Toronto's poor neighbourhood. As this Sobeys is overly priced for the bad service, long lines, fruits and vegetables are molding, stale, or rotting. Eg. Strawberries and blueberries is growing fuzz. Looks like a biology experiment. Another example is selling meat past its due date. You can see the discolouration in the meat. As well, when it goes on sale. Only 30%? Should be thrown out. Talk about food poison.

Not a place to get fresh food, and good service.
1500 Upper Middle Rd W
Oakville, ON
(905) 847-1909

“Horrible Service with a PASSION!!!!!! :(”

Tiger Direct Discount Computer Store
Gone in here to buy a Flat Screen TV, and Windows 7 Software. The prices are good as they are on sale. But TRY getting some help. I got this guy named Wally R. and he was VERY RUDE. Asked him about Windows 7 and upgrading my OS, and he tells me that "We don't carry it as it doesn't make us any money." Also, asking him the cost, he quotes me the price of $249, and he did not quote me the sales price in the flyer of $104. He was not interested in helping me, and he was doing no favours to the store by not making any sale. So forget about asking about the TV, or asking anyone else as they were ALL not interesting in asking customers if they can help...Going elsewhere for my service. This place is PATHETIC on service. Get off your high horse and help customers and your store. Idiots!!!!!!!
1515 North Service Rd.
Burlington, ON
(905) 592-3401

C@!%!y, inexperience staff.”

Running Room Canada Inc
Was in at the store to buy shoes, and left with nothing. No courtesy, and trying to force me to buy a shoe that I did not feel comfortable with. Go elsewhere for expert advice.
1791 Stone Church Rd E
Stoney Creek, ON
(905) 587-2198

“Poor Customer Service and Website.”

Toronto Maple Leafs
I recently applied for a job at MLSE. Contacted the dept., and asked to speak to the hiring manager. So the gentleman, sends me to a voice menu, and it got me upset that I just received POOR SERVICE from a highly respected sports team in the Maple Leafs. The website is lacking in speaking with someone live.

I should become a HABS fan now?

My rating would be (minus Stars). Unfortunately, there are no minuses.
40 Bay St
Toronto, ON
(416) 815-5700

“Excellent Customer Service”

Cobs Bread Upper Oakville
Very courteous young staff. Will visit this establishment again, as the baked goods are Excellent too.
1011 Upper Middle Rd E
Oakville, ON
(905) 844-2627

“Excellent Banking Service”

Customer service here is the best. They greet you, and make you feel wanted. Other banks takes too long, on break, standing around, or chatting it up with others.

This is the best bank branch in Oakville.
2501 Third Line
Oakville, ON
(905) 469-8807

C@!%!y service!”

Lazy full-time staff here. He is PURE lazy. I wanted to buy a lottery ticket with some items, and he told me I can't sell you any today. W.T.F.! I'm over the legal age, and lottery machine is right in front of you.

If I need pharmacuticals I'll go elsewhere.
351 Cornwall Rd
Oakville, ON
(905) 842-2327

“Go to Best Buy instead!”

Future Shop Discount Supercenters
Too many staff standing around and not helping people. I walked around the store for 15 minutes and no one came to ask me if I needed help. PATHETIC!

I went to the store again and decided to ask a question, and he didn't know the answer to the question, and B.S. me. Commission guys are useless. Go to Best Buy for better service and knowledgeable staff.

Shut this place down. Idiots!
310 North Service Road West
Oakville, ON
(905) 815-0983

“Worst service EVER!”

Toys R Us
Talking about c@!%!y service. Come to Toys R Us in Oakville. Lazy, lack of knowledge, and unfriendly service. I don't buy my toys here, I go elsewhere that can give me better service, and are friendly.

BTW, electronics, oriental guy is the best helper there is in the store. Talk about knowledge. He has it, the rest of the workers are dumb as door nails.
290 North Service Rd W
Oakville, ON
(905) 849-1860

“Excellent food and service”

Glen Abbey Golf Club
Best Golf Course Food. Great prices.

Service on the golf course is awesome too.

Love the instructors as they are very helpful, and friendly.
1333 Dorval Drive
Oakville, ON
(905) 844-1800

“Best Pharmacy in Oakville”

Just like the TV show 'Cheers', they know their clients names.Friendly, always smiling, and helpful.

Downfall here is the teenage cashiers. They are unhelpful, and pathetic. But what teenager is not pathetic. when they have to work.

Everyone at the Pharmcy is AWESOME. 5+++++ STARS.
1500 Upper Middle W
Oakville, ON
(905) 847-3130

“Management is BAD!”

Starbucks Coffee Company
Worst Starbucks I've been to in Oakville. Manager is rude, and unprofessional. When she is not behind the counter, she mostly sits at one of the tables with her laptop, or chatting it up with friends while the place is busy. Also, she looks unfriendly and unapproachable when she is outside of the counter. Disturbing her is a no-no.

Barista's at the store serving their clients are one of the best in Oakville. Friendly and helpful.

Therefore, Management should takeaway stars. Barista's rate a 4 star.
2501 Third Line
Oakville, ON
(905) 465-2285

“Need more space, and service is so-so.”

Starbucks Coffee
Small Starbucks. Tables are small too. So if you want to work with your laptop. Good luck in getting a big table to work on.

Service is weak. Not friendly.Looks like unhappy staff.
Dundas E
Oakville, ON
(905) 257-4244

“Lots of room.”

Starbucks Coffee Company
Love the room in this Starbucks. Lots of space, and tables. Good service.
Oakville, ON
(905) 844-8668

“Poor Service.”

Metro (Supermarkets)
If you have time to waste, go to this Metro. You will be waiting in ONE open line for more than 10 minutes, or longer depending how many items is the person is buying, and how fast the cashier wants to move.

Cashiers are unmotivated and sloooooooow! Oh, can you put this sign after you. I should be on break now.

Customer Service area? Does anyone work here? AWEFUL! Never friendly. Never say "Hello, how can I help you." Great service! NOT!

Over priced. For bad produce and service. Talking about stale produce is way too long......
1A-280 North Service Rd W
Oakville, ON
(905) 337-9759

“Great fruits and vegetables.”

Always Fresh. Vegetables and Fruits. Not overly expensive either. Best place to get your fruits and vegetables from a grocery store.
338 Dundas St E
Oakville, ON
(905) 257-5633

“Excellent Service”

Kitchen Food Fair
Everytime I walk into the store I get greeted with a smile. The two sons that work at the store is VERY POLITE. Manners are A++++. Its the only convenience store that I would walk into in Oakville, and make purchases due to their friendliness.
2501 Third Line
Oakville, ON
(905) 827-0603

“Great food.”

Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill
Food is always great at this Swiss Chalet. Fresh, hot and fast.

Service is good. But they need more people to handle the volume. I would like to see the servers to smile more.
217 Cross Ave
Oakville, ON
(905) 844-9170

“Awesome staff!”

Running Room Canada Inc
Going into the store you get a warm happy welcome. The staff there is knowledgeable, helpful, and always listening.

Its like the tv show 'Cheers'. Norm walking in and everyone is happy and shout out 'Norm!'.
156 Lakeshore Rd E
Oakville, ON
(905) 844-2300

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