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“Oh so delicious Lebanese cuisine”

La Luna At Queen
La Luna has one of the most incredible caesar salads that I've ever had. It's got a lot of garlic though, so make sure your date has some too!
Their food is really, really delicious. All of the favourites are on the menu... shawarma, fattoush salad, hummous, falafal, shish kebab.. Oh the list of yummy food goes on and on...
La Luna is one of those restaurants that you go to hungry and you leave absolutely stuffed!
306 King St W
Hamilton, ON
(905) 523-5198

“Unique venue, great food”

Vicar's Vice the
The Vicar's Vice is located in a 150 year old building that used to be a church. It still has the wonderful exposed beams and stained glass.
The restaurant has an upper and lower seating area, and also seating at the bar. They have a typical pub type menu, and their food is excellent!
I was pleased with the service that I received there. They also have live music on the weekends.
2251 Rymal Road
Stoney Creek, ON
(905) 578-4500

“Very Professional”

Hamilton Orthotic Centre
The staff at HOC are very professional, and make you feel very at ease in their office. The visits are thorough, but quick. They have a wide selection of footwear available in their office, or you can go right next door to Miller's Shoes and deal with them. HOC bills directly to your insurance provider, so there's no time consuming paperwork for you to fill out, which I love.
1050 Upper James St
Hamilton, ON
(905) 385-2589

“A Burlington Institution!”

Easterbrooks Hotdog Stand
Easterbrooks is far from a dirty pighole. It is the only place to get a great hotdog around here. Sure, it's not the gleaming, spotless, shiny counter restaurant that some are used to, but the fact that it's been around since 1930 and is family owned should tell you something. I'm sure that anything (or anyone) that's been around for 80 years also is a little smudged around the edges. All one has to do is go in and look around at the walls and ceilings to see that all of the Whos in Whoville have been to Easterbrooks and have left their autographed picture behind as proof.
So, to the dogs... At last count, you could get upwards of 15 different kinds of dogs with everything from cheese to chili to onions to bacon and all of the above and more on them! They serve a mean fry too and they also have ice cream, just to put the cherry on the top.
You want fancy? Go to The Keg. You want tradition and a damn good hot dog served with a smile? Go to Easterbrooks.
694 Spring Gardens Rd
Burlington, ON
(905) 527-9679

“Very nice selection of all things birds”

Wild Birds Unlimited
WBU is not a huge store, but they have an amazing selection of bird feeders, gardening items, bird seed, books, bird houses, binoculars... you get the idea. Their seed is not cheap, but it's very high quality and won't make your backyard friends sick. They staff members are bird enthusiasts who will gladly make your backyard bird experience the best that it can be.
3350 Fairview St
Burlington, ON
(905) 634-7700

“The best place to spend an afternoon”

Indigo Books & Music
I really enjoy getting lost in the stacks of books at Indigo. So many subjects! It's way too easy to pick a book off of the shelf and find a comfy place to sit with a coffee (from the Starbucks located inside!). Before you know it, you're hooked on the book and you're standing at the checkout line.
I also love the great selection of items for the home, food (cookies, chocolates, specialty items), toys, games and cards they have there. You could very easily buy a gift for everyone on your list here and get the card and the wrapping paper for it too!
1250 Brant St
Burlington, ON
(905) 331-1860


I'm not sure who can resist a cupcake, but it's definitely not me! Cupcakes is a really great little spot to get that sweet treat when you need it, or to get a really unique gift for the hostess at a party. They have several different kinds on display and the staff are more than happy to describe each and every kind to you. The filled kind are my favourite!
They have specials on Tuesdays and also when you buy 6 or more. So forget the bottle of wine, grab some cupcakes and make someone happy!
3-1050 King St W
Hamilton, ON
(905) 308-8484

“THE place to shop for your pampered pooch!”

Bark & Fitz
Every couple of months I treat my dog to a visit to Bark & Fitz. She likes to check out all of the toys and visit with the store owner's Bernese Mountain Dog. They have some really great products in here, including raw food, holistic kibble, treats, beds, clothing, collars, sport gear and of course, homebaked dog cookies. The cookies are displayed bakery style at the front counter and are just so cute, you can't help but buy one (or two)!
In the back of the store they have a grooming salon as well, but it's by appointment only and the groomer isn't there all day every day.
97 King St W
Dundas, ON
(905) 628-5900

“Excellent wings and pizza”

Wing it! Chicken Wings & Pizza
Wings are an indulgence that I don't often partake in, but sometimes, you just gotta have 'em!
Wing It has really excellent wings, with a huge selection of sauces to choose from. There's something for everyone. They come breaded and they're huge! They have lots of wing and pizza combos so you can have the best of both worlds. This is take out and delivery only, there are no tables inside.
MAIN-411 Aberdeen Ave
Hamilton, ON
(905) 296-5544

“Outstanding desserts!”

The Bean Bar
Weblocal.ca Location The Bean Bar is just the thing for a sinful indulgence after a night at the Westdale Theatre, which is conveniently located right next door! They have a huge selection of decadent desserts all displayed for your drooling pleasure in a glass case at the bar. Even with all these sweet delights, you might be tempted by their menu as well for a quick bite before that rich treat. The sweet potato fries are not to be missed!
Update ~ December 30, 2010
I visited the Bean Bar for Lunch yesterday and their menu has changed.. and might I say for the better! Their chef and owner have gotten very creative at the menu meetings and their new jazzed up menu is incredible. In addition to their incredible sweet potato fries, they now have "Truffle Fries" which are french fries tossed with truffle oil and truffle salt. I didn't try them but I plan to next time! They have a lot of new sandwiches as well, which are just beyond decadent. I highly recommend starting with the Portabella soup, which comes in a French Onion soup style bowl, which is baked in the oven with a huge circle of puff pastry on top. It was incredible!
I had the occasion to speak to the owner too, and she was just as excited over the new menu as I was. Great things continue to happen at the Bean Bar!
1012 King Street West,
Hamilton, ON
(905) 524-2326

“Doesn't taste like "Mall" food”

Made In Japan Teriyaki
It's so great to have a choice of fresh, made in front of you food at the mall food court. That's why I love Made in Japan Teriyaki. As soon as you order, they start your food on the incredibly hot flattop, constantly attending to it and adding sauces until it's crisp, sizzling, juicy perfection. You get loads of food too for your money. You won't go away hungry! And if by chance you can't eat it all, don't worry, it comes in a plastic bowl which you can just grab a snap on lid for at the counter.
999 Upper Wentworth St
Hamilton, ON
(905) 575-1942

“Always has great sales”

Sears Canada Inc
Sears has some great name brand items as well as designer clothing at great prices. Pretty much every week you can count on a 40 or 50% off sale in Men's and Women's clothing. They also have some big sales events several times a year like Sears Warehouse sale.
The reason why I'm only giving them 4 stars, however, is because I will never buy an appliance from them again. Their customer service centre (phone) is horrible. I've heard the same thing from lots of people as well. Otherwise, I've had no issues with in store returns or with sales staff.
Limeridge Mall
Hamilton, ON
(905) 389-4441

“Insanely huge Panzarotti!”

Valentino's Place
Valentinos has the best, most giant panzarottis in Hamilton. They're about the price of a whole pizza, but boy are they worth it! You get a huge container of their incredible homemade sauce with it for dipping each scrumptious stuffed piece (like I do) or for pouring over the top of the whole huge thing.
Of course, Valentinos has all kinds of other Italian goodies on the menu which, of the ones that I've had, are also delish! Oh, and don't forget to save room for Tiramisu!
866 Mohawk Road E
Hamilton, ON
(905) 385-3284

“The best Chinese food in Hamilton”

Iron Chef Chinese Restaurant Inc
I am a longtime fan of Iron Chef. I find that they are just not your run of the mill Chinese restaurant pounding out mediocre North American Chinese food. Their dishes are creative and full of flavour. Usually we just go for takeout, but eating in is a real treat. The staff are really willing to work with you to make menu suggestions and to figure out what you like and don't like. They've been bang on with us everytime.
A few favourites are the Pan Fried Dumplings, the Spicy Salt and Pepper Shrimp, Beef with Broccoli and the Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper Sauce.
Definitely a must try!
1116 Upper Sherman Ave
Hamilton, ON
(905) 389-2288

“Delicious addition to Locke Street”

Sweetness Bakery
Weblocal.ca Location Sweetness Bakery has just opened up on Locke street and it's about time. Their flagship bakery is in Burlington, and was opened to fill a need for nut free bakerys. While on a recent trip down Locke Street, a friend and I popped in for a peek. The bakery is small, but welcoming, painted bright pink and makes one think of cupcakes, which is good!
I was a bit disappointed in the selection available, but perhaps it's just the time of day that we went. I'll be interested to see what they have next time I go. The cupcake that I ultimately chose was moist and delicious, and I would most definitely buy again next time.
196 Locke St. S.
Hamilton, ON
(289) 389-9785

“Large, clean and well organized”

Dollar Giant
Dollar Giant advertises that everything in the store is $1.25, unlike other dollar stores which sometimes have items that are $2 or $3 or more. Recently I went here looking for something specific that Dollarama was sold out of. Unfortunately Dollar Giant was too, but what a difference between the two stores. While Dollarama is cluttered and is always crawling with people, Dollar Giant is neat, well organized and calm. The staff was friendly and helpful too, which I like. I'd go back here instead of to Dollarama.
1110 Wilson St W
Ancaster, ON
(905) 648-0660

“Great place to get your car cleaned inside and out”

Although I find Suds to be a bit on the expensive side, it is a nice treat once in a while to have your car given the star treatment while you watch from the comfort of the waiting area. You watch as your car rolls along a conveyor belt and several attendants converge upon it like ants, removing garbage from the floors, taking out the mats and putting them through the special mat cleaning machine, vacuuming the seats, wiping down windows and mirrors until your car arrives a few minutes later all clean and shiny. Then you get to pick from the array of scents to be sprayed into your car that will complete the transformation before you drive away.
If you're just looking for a quick, no nonsense car wash, they do have a stay in your car and be attacked by the large roller brushes and hanging flaps option. While it too is on the pricey side at $12, it does a better job than the ones that you find at the gas station.
544 Limeridge E
Hamilton, ON
(905) 318-1467

“Very pleasant staff and "jiffy" service!”

Jiffy Lube
I stopped in here recently for an oil change. They have a drive-thru service bay, and although there was quite a lineup, I moved through fairly quickly. The staff did a full assessment of my battery function and also inspected the various filters and checked all of my lights and signals in addition to the oil change. They recommended a filter change and also a new battery. I got the filters but knew that I could get a replacement battery cheaper elsewhere, so I declined and there was no pressure from them whatsoever. I went for an upgraded oil change package and received a free wash from Suds, which is attached to the Jiffy Lube.
There is a nice waiting area inside with comfy chairs and a television and also vending machines with snacks, drinks and hot beveridges.
544 Limeridge E
Hamilton, ON
(905) 389-6100

“Inexpensive for those on a budget”

Farmer Al's
If you're looking for top of the line meat, go to Costco. If you're looking for standard cuts of meat and you're on a budget, Farmer Al's is a good place to go. They have a small selection of produce and some standard grocery items as well.
The staff is friendly and the store is always clean.
2070 Rymal Rd E
Binbrook, ON
(905) 692-4451

“A Man's dream....”

Princess Auto Ltd
My husband loves Princess Auto. He gets the catalogue and pours over it. He talks about it to his friends and they all ooo and ahhhh. I don't get it.
However, of the times that I've been dragged through there, it appears that they have pretty much everything a man could want... Tools, electronics, motorized things, light up things, seasonal items... The prices seem good too and he leaves there happy, so I'm giving it a thumbs up.
1850 Barton St E
Hamilton, ON
(905) 561-9400

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