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FL Holiday Rentals
We had a wonderful stay in the Orlando area! This was made possible in part because of the excellent home we rented from Todd and Kellie Loveless. The villa is located close to all attractions and shopping areas. The house was very comfortable with plenty of room for a full family. The house is clean and tidy and everything you need is provided right there! There's a pool just across the street! We were very pleased with the ease of booking. Kellie was great! Our emails were answered promptly. We would definitely stay there again!

20 Kinder Dr.
Paradise, NL
(709) 781-8533

“Wow - Great Food and Service”

On Sunday night at 10:30p I was with a party of 8 and wanted to eat a meal. We called, despite the hour, the owners, wait staff and chef allowed us to enjoy a world class meal with a great view. The wait staff was incredibly helpful and made sure all of our guests (coming later than 10:30p) were served to the best of their ability. The steak, the salads and wine were fantastic. There was no rush during this late hour. I was incredibly impressed and would highly recommend anyone who wants top service and food to go to Portobello's
115 Duckworth Street
St. John's, NL
(709) 579-7050

“The most unique pizza on the island”

Pi Gourmet Eatery
The pizza here is awesome and there is no place in town like it. Very reasonable price for good wines, there were wines priced under $30 that sell for $45 plus at other restaurants. Just went this weekend and it is even better.
10 Kings Rd
St. John's, NL
(709) 726-2000

“Clothing for Tall folks”

Mark's Work Wearhouse
Great selection of nice clothing for tall sizes.
95 Aberdeen Avenue
St. John's, NL
(709) 722-9870

“Karl Wells says”

Stogger's Pizza
Stoggers¹ pizza was the least expensive but one of the best, despite the tinned mushrooms. The crust was lightly golden, dry and a little thicker than the rest. Toppings were generously applied and the pepperoni was tasty.
Lots of chopped tomato on the very top gave the pizza a colourful, attractive appearance. Stoggers¹ well deserved second place.
77 Harvey Road
St John's, NL
(709) 579-7864

“Karl Wells says”

Peter’s Pizza
Peter¹s pizza had a lovely golden brown crust that was slightly soft on the bottom but a tad doughy. Most notable was the quantity of topping ‹ a far greater amount than the others, especially pepperoni and sauce. The sauce was slightly spicy and more interesting than the others. I was impressed by the use of freshly cut mushrooms. Overall, this was a very enjoyable pizza.
242A Pennywell Rd
St. John’s, NL
(709) 738-3888

“Supremely expensive”

Rosewood Spa
I am not sure why you pay $80 more for manicure pedicure facial than any where else in the city.
5 Cavendish Square
St. John's, NL
(709) 739-0923

“Great Breakfast”

Classic Cafe East
This is a great and reasonably priced breakfast with one of the best views in the city. How can you go wrong?

Check it out!
73 Duckworth Street
St. John's, NL
(709) 726-4444

“Great Pie - Fast delivery”

Pizza Delight
Best tasting pizza pie that can be delivered in the city. They are quick, which means the pizza is hot. Whether weekend or weekday - these guys are great!
25 Kenomint Rd
St. John's, NL
(709) 579-1100

“Good cut - service could improve”

Kutting Zone
When i walked in at 3 minutes before my appointment i was told quite bluntly that the appointment would not be honored for another 3 minutes. Most businesses would offer a seat, perhaps a glass of water and requested a wait while they were preparing for my cut. Once that was done I got a very good haircut with a pleasant stylist at a good cost.
Village Mall Shopping Centre
St. John's, NL
(709) 745-0663

“Equipment / but no support”

GOODLIFE Fitness Clubs
This is the third Goodlife i have been a member of and although there is some good equipment. The staff are not helpful and there is not plan for the expanded membership that occurs in January. At other Goodlifes staff are very helpful, that did not transfer to this location.
430 Topsail Rd
St. John's, NL
(709) 747-2500

“Makes Top 10 list”

Asian Taste
This unpretentious family-run restaurant on Duckworth Street is the repository of appetising Asian culinary delights. You'll find lots of menu variety here along with friendly service. It's the perfect place to introduce your palate to new flavours at affordable prices. "I liked the hand rolls, which consisted of uncooked salmon, wasabi infused mayo and sticky rice wrapped in rich, shiny dark sheets of nori (a type of edible seaweed). They had the correct proportion of salmon to mayo to rice. The hand rolls made for a fun dining experience, too. I loved the feel of the nori as I pressed it between my fingers and munched happily on the ocean scented
250 Duckworth Street
St. John's, NL
(709) 576-3311

“Makes Top 10 list”

Gypsy Tea Room
Another amazing restaurant transformation in 2009 was the unveiling of the new Gypsy Tea Room in the Murray Premises. It's about five times its original size with space for approximately 200 diners. A good place to begin your evening might be the handsome bar directly off Water Street that stores dozens of bottles of quality wines. Seafood is a sure bet. "Tilapia is a sweet thin white-fleshed fish. Chef Bruce Brookings prepared it with a slightly crispy coating and wrapped around a mix of bread and sausage. I enjoyed it very much. The stuffing wasn't too overpowering, allowing the subtle flavour of the tilapia to come through."
315 Water Street
St. John's, NL
(709) 739-4766

“Makes Top 10 list”

India Gate Restaurant
On every level India Gate is a wonderful representative of the cuisine of India. Colourful, aromatic spices permeate every dish. The restaurant's atmosphere is authentic and the service is friendly and knowledgeable. "India Gate's tandoori chicken is a visual delight. It's fiery red in colour - usually from food colouring or red peppers - with black highlights from the charring effect of the tandoor - the clay oven of North India. Our chicken was tender and juicy with smoky hints from the charcoal smoke of the tandoor." Booking one of the large tables for a family get together or special event is a great way to enjoy India Gate's food and atmosphere.
286 Duckworth Street
St. John's, NL
(709) 753-6006

“Makes Top 10 list”

Aqua Restaurant & Bar
Aqua's chef and owner, Mark McCrowe, was awarded a bronze medal in November at the St. John's Gold Medal Plates event. The accolade was well deserved, as anyone tasting Aqua's food in 2009 knows. I tasted "Aqua's oven roasted Cornish hen with maple cream and a salad of shaved Brussels sprouts, pancetta, raisins, and asiago. A helping of olive oil whipped potato was served on the side. This was a slightly more finessed version of the great comfort food dish of chicken and mashed potatoes. It was half a golden brown Cornish hen set on a pool of cream infused with maple syrup and roasting juices. Both went together perfectly."
310 Water St
St. John's, NL
(709) 576-2782

“Makes Top 10 list”

Chef Brian Abbott, true to his word, created something totally fresh in the wake of his last restaurant (lost in a fire in 2008). The smal-plates concept of this venture has been well received, mainly because of the exceptional quality of what's on those plates. "The words succulent and flavourful seem inadequate to describe the crispy pork belly. It was wonderfully memorable sitting atop mashed sweet potatoes and brown butter, an incredibly delicious treat. Another clever match was the chili marinated seared scallops with fruit salsa."
7 Queen Street
St. John's, NL
(709) 576-2112

“Top 10”

Basho Restaurant & Lounge
Every serious food lover within driving distance of Basho owes himself or herself the experience of dining on Chef Tak Ishiwata's superb food. Ishiwata is a food artist, a fact consistently obvious when tasting his culinary creations. A favourite starter is his salmon parfait which I described as "an eye-catching seafood presentation in a brandy snifter. The bottom of the glass was covered with salmon tartare, and then a layer of aioli followed by black flying fish roe to the depth of about half-an-inch. More salmon tartare followed, capped by a dollop of aioli and then, side-by-side, orange and black flying fish roe. This was accompanied by a handful of the lightest, crispiest fried wontons I have ever tasted."
283 Duckworth St
St. John's, NL
(709) 576-4600

“Makes The Top 10”

Blue on Water
Blue on Water underwent a favourable transformation in 2009. It added a smart new martini bar after acquiring the space east of the restaurant. This allowed for more seating in the restaurant and an energized atmosphere. I enjoyed their "fillet of fresh cod, perfectly cooked, enhanced by the introduction of a tincture of anise-flavoured Sambuca. Grilled salmon never tasted better with a topping of caramelised onions and, get this, figs. The sweet addition made the flavours of the salmon sing. Chicken breast, one of the hardest foods to cook properly, was as delicious as I've tasted. The lemon pepper glaze, as always, was a most suitable seasoning to draw out the freshly roasted flavour of the bird."
319 Water Street
St. John's, NL
(709) 754-2583

“Like the staff”

Needs Convenience
I like the staff at this needs - nice helpful folks. Even assist with pro-line. What more can a customer ask?
69 Military Rd
St. John's, NL
(709) 722-2210

“Beautiful restaurant - food could be better”

The Abbey Restaurant
I was very disappointed with the food. My over easy eggs were hard and we were the first people in the restaurant with no other people there. Considering the price this, to me, is unacceptable. Learn how to cook eggs properly. On a side note the coffee was good.
63 Patrick Street
St. John's, NL
(709) 757-3318

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