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“untrustworthy and incompetent”

Cap Reit
Management changes made years ago were designed to improve the service and administration of the facility. While the cosmetic and structural status of the building has improved, the overall handling of paperwork, leases, and billing has not. The listed site managers are rarely, if ever, in the office. The staff members that are regularly in the office have never been introduced, via paper or otherwise, to the tenants and, as a result, most of us do not even know who they are by name or title. It is not at all uncommon for them to mess-up the paperwork, leasing, and billing to the expense of hard-working tenants and impoverished students. Everyone makes mistakes from time-to-time, but they rarely mitigate the situation even after you have addressed it with them in person, in writing, or over the phone. To add to this, money was recently splurged on beautiful work-out equipment that few people are using. This money could have been better invested in new washing machines as most of them are chronically out of order and one has consistently flooded the floor for many years now. Maybe they should have considered asking tenants where we thought our rental money would be best invested?
Garneau Towers
Edmonton, AB
(780) 432-1894

“It's no surprise that there is always a "for rent" sign in front of this place...”

Windsor Park Plaza Lofts
I have lived in a lot of places and this was, by far, the worst in terms of their dishonesty and complete lack of regard for their tenants who keep them in business.

On the move in day, I was taken to a suite that was not the one which I had agreed to during the initial showing. When I addressed the matter, I was told that the prior suite had merely been a show suite, something that I had not been informed of during that process. Because I needed a place, I decided to drop the matter, even though the suite which I was moving into was not in very good condition. Blinds were missing from the window, carpets appeared to be rough and to have bleach marks, there were dents in the walls, and there were water marks on the ceiling. When I broached the issues, I was told that they would fix the dents and the blinds, but that nothing could be done about the carpet or the ceiling. Not surprisingly, neither the blinds nor the walls were ever fixed. When I called to inquire about this, reiterating what my leasing agent had said, the reply I received was: "well, I don't know about that."

To make matters worse, their built-in mini fridge burned-out on a number of occasions, prompting them to replace it with a temporary (and standard size) refrigerator until they could find a new one (also a standard size). Upon delivering the new refrigerator, they dropped it, thereby denting its door. I was promised a new door to the refrigerator and that never happened. The new refrigerator continued to also have difficulties, dying on a regular basis. I concluded that there must be a problem with the power supply to the suite, rather than a problem with the refrigerators. I informed them of this, but they never did anything about it, nor did they ever offer to reimburse me for the hundreds of dollars in food that was spoiled over several months.

Flooding was another issue. Dirty, soapy, hot water from other units routinely charged up into my kitchen sink, at one point causing a massive flood. This took place the evening after I had asked maintenance to investigate the situation. They left me a note stating that the problem had been corrected. Despite that, there was a flood that evening and a plumber had to be brought in late at night. My neighbour's unit flooded, as well. The drying and clean-up took nearly a week.

To add to this, garbage from the balconies of inconsiderate tenants in the plaza (which overlooks the lofts) is regularly thrown or blown onto loft decks. Suites are also unbelievably cold in the winter.

As for the lease, when I moved in I was told that the one-year lease would be negotiable after I had resided there for an entire year. Instead, after a year, they offered me another lease, again for an entire year. When I addressed the subject with them, I was simply told that all leases, from that point forward, would lock tenants into a one-year lease.

I, too, could go on and on, but, again, the headaches of living in this place are not worth what you are being billed to live there.
8210 111 St NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 439-4957

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