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1.5 stars 14 reviews

Centa Real Estate Ltd

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329 Waverley St
Ottawa, ON  K2P 0V9

(613) 234-8034

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What the community has to say about Centa Real Estate Ltd

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Reviews [14]
1.5 star rating
justdan July 09, 2013, (Edited August 28, 2013)
And it all begins! Will tell the story as it goes

TOP OF THE REVIEW> Final...4 Stars. Read the story if you wish!
Ups and downs with this company, firstly i will admit the main problem is communicating with them. After miscommunications on multiple levels, Fern actually called, and seems the work required will get done.I think the company as a whole needs to provide better communication with tenants, either via a web site, email, or by simply answering the phone. Someone more than just a receptionist should be available to help tenants resolve issues. :-).
But due to fern's personal attention, in the end, we were satisifed with the property and the work performed by various contractors to ensure it was a safe home. (except the carpet shampooers if they did it...)

Well, first they want money before you see the content of the Lease! ... Note to all... Tell them you want to see content of the Lease before you pay a nickle... Know what you are getting into... good or bad.
Next... We were told that we could get the keys a week in advance.... Well, now no one knows... "Call Fern" they say....Fern never available.
Ok, Improving my score... They returned my call next buisness day. News wasnt so good, but they worked it out. so Kudo's for that! ... I will reserve the third star when i have the key in hand... Ok, a little bit preemptive, but I have awarded a third star... I confirmed the key is available after work Not a week prior as told, but atleast the weekend!... Once again... Kudo's... Now to see the place and see if they get a fourth star.. deserving of the third so far!. Keys in hand. Some repairs needed, but I am sure they will get done. Carpets not very clean for sure! Missing washer and dryer, but they have acknowledged that! 4 th star will be after the maintenance and appliances are in promptly!
Ok, good so far, with a few exceptions... We were told carpets would be steam cleaned (verbal). Well let me tell you the previous owners had a cat or 5 and carpets stunk to high heaven. Paid for a steam machine... Will talk to them about refunding me!.. update, refund pending... Thanks CENTA. Appliance delivered today. Thanks CENTA Here is the major issues..
1) No email address for landlord, or after hours numbers for emergencies i.e water leaks, furnace break down?? (or none we know of)
Bravo, Fern Handled things professionally. Looking forward to a long stay.

1.5 star rating
Dawson July 26, 2013

This company is awful, I left 4 messages before finally reaching someone. I spoke with Gerry who really doesn't give a s*** clearly. I would run far away from this company. There are too many options out there to waste your time with this nightmare of a company.

1.5 star rating
Lady June 12, 2013
Stay away- Unprofessionnal and down right terrible

In a way it’s our fault. We were in a rush to find a house that would accommodate our needs in a tight time line and we did not research the company. The house looked great on the visit. Although very weird that they made us visit with 6 other people after we had already applied and been accepted for a different unit. Anyways. When we picked up the keys on Friday night, we were told their was debris left over in the yard and a new dishwasher and fridge would be delivered next Tuesday. When we arrived at the house. HORROR. 2 week old garbage in the garage. No toilet seats anywhere… the curtain rod was on the floor and no brackets for it. There were no light fixtures, no plastic electrical caps on the plugs, no bulbs, the floor in the basement had mud spread all over it. The kitchen was filthy.

By the time we walked around the house, their office had closed and their after hours service is just a VM. And we were suppose to move in… Centa real estate had 15 days to clean up the house clean the carpets and paint the house and they waited until the last day to do so… and as a result. They handed over the keys to us to a fast painted house with wet paint and no toilet seats and garbage and smell everywhere…. we even found seringes in the cupbord... classy.

Months later after we got over all of this and fixed everything and had a good talk with them… they dealt with the fist wasp nest in good time… but then after 1 year of never missing one payment… and never being rude to them.. And never asking for more then was fair… they sent us a eviction notice.. For rent unpaid.. And when we called… we discovered THEY had lost our checks… well.. According to the receptionist.. she doesn’t have time to call her 800 tenants when they pay rent late.. Because according to her.. All 800 tenants pay rent late..! and according to her it’s office practice to simply send eviction notices out…well this time we had a exchange of words… polite but not friendly… the loss of our personal information is a serious manner and is not taken lightly… Oh she found the checks...!!! imagine that.... According to Fern Bada.. He primarily rents to problem cases and people who do not take care of the properties and so showing signs of respect is not a priority…is pretty much how your going to feel taking with this guy.. and he will put all the other tenants down to you... it's gross lissening to this guy...

Months later we have a second wasp nest and this time Fern decides to make us wait …I imagine he did not like how we felt after the cheque insident... Sohe only sent an exterminator when I called and said if I get bit and go into anaphylactic shock guess who is going to be responsible… He made us wait 1 month.... and the nest was hudge!!! Good job Fern!!

And so we are now leaving this house and Centa real estate…and in any case it will be in better condition then we got it.. because i'm not taking the toilet seats... lol.. but my recomendation to all..... Stay AWAY… Fern has no respect… and the receptionist… a total air head… Rent from a company with integrity…NOT CENTA REAL ESTATE

They get 1 star.... only because I had too.... I would give them 0

1.5 star rating
Todd Campbell April 19, 2013
Renting for a year now. They seem fine.

We moved into a Centa rental (nearly-new home) a year ago. The place is fine, there were some problems at the beginning and they were all dealt with in a few days time, although I did put everything in writing and made follow-up calls to check on progress. An emergency (no hot water) was fixed the same day no-hassle. Fern is co-operative and not rude in any way although I've only spoken to him twice. Gerry is not the most dynamic guy, but professional and gets results although I did have to call him to follow-up/remind, big deal. Receptionist-Office manager is is super cheerful and a pleasure to deal with. I'm not saying their properties are mansions or they're candidates for business of the decade, but after a year they seem just fine to me, especially for $100-$150 less per month than identical townhouses in the subdivision.

1.5 star rating
Louise Poisson October 31, 2011, (Edited April 25, 2012)
To all Complainants...

I have been blessed with knowing many people who have rented recently from Centa,. I have heard many negative but many positive things from them. Weigh your options on your own. If in doubt, always check the landlord-tennant act.

1.5 star rating
Pat Whalen January 17, 2012
money grabbing, liars, endangered to health

so Centa Real Estate are liars and thieves.
my wife and i tried many times to get them to clean the hold from the bathroom, that was there before we moved in. and they sent people to look at the mould, and tell me it is not harmful and no point in cleaning the mould. and same thing for the flooring, the floors in the kitchen/hall way and coming off, they are just cheap glue on tiles. they took pictures of the floor and nothing has been done sine, and that was over 4 months ago that they came and took pictures.
and now me and my wife and trying to move somewhere else and the new landlord that we are trying to live through, called Centa and they told him that our rent cheques always bounce and that they will never rent to us ever again.

and Centa has threatened to kick us out multiple times, when we ask them to fix things around the house.

i wish i can just take them to court. and sue them for all the money they took from me and my wife.

1.5 star rating
carol July 11, 2011
centa SUCKS

We rented a townhouse from these slumlords a few years ago, and they have to be the worst landlords we have ever rented from. We did get the misfortune of speaking to Fern, and he spoke to us using profanity telling us that if we didn't like the place to go to the Salvation Army. They should be reported to the Better Business Bureau as they are unfit to operate a business. I am glad that you posted this ad as many people have been sucked in to renting from them and then being treated like 2nd class citizens. I remember hearing a story of a guy who had to threaten Fern in order to get the repairs done to his townhouse, and this was not your everyday threat, if you know what I mean. The more people that know about this company, the better. They deserve to have every one of their units empty.

1.5 star rating
Holly OGorman July 05, 2011
Fern is nothing short of a raging A@S

things were going great at first, reasonable rent and all redone inside. things werent up to par when i moved in, but i wanted the place instantly so accepted them being fixed within a few weeks. it's been since may 9, i still have no screens on my windows, a rusty metal banister that he's refusing to replace and all the while, he screams and shouts at me like im a young child. STAY AWAY FROM CENTA REATLY!!!!!!!

1.5 star rating
moosh May 04, 2011
Do not ever rent from them!!!

If you are looking to rent for a low price, it is a great opportunity, however if you are looking for a nice place to live that you can call `home`with helpful landlord, then you should run from this company as fast as you can. If you do rent from them, you are going to be stuck with very rude landlord and terrible services. You'll end up fixing up the whole property by yourself at your own expense, you'll have a toilet or bathtub leaking on your dining room table and landlord, who is apparently a plumber at the same time is going to tell you that it is your imagination, you will be stuck without water during winter because your pipes would freeze and the same landlord will come, touch your floors next to the pipe and would tell you that those pipes are frozen and you have to wait till it wamrs up outside and it will thaw, then they are going to give you really hard time to get out of the rent, thought you've submitted your notice in time by fax, but they `wouldn't receive it` magically, though you will have your confirmation that the fax did go through and after you move out they will call you and tell you that they are going to charge you for a dishwasher, fridge and carpet that they apparently gave you new and you replaced it by the old one... So if you are up for that type of fun and adventure in your life, you should definitely rent it from Centa Real Estate. Oh yeah, if you like to be sworn at, Fern is great at it!!!!

1.5 star rating
regalontario Kanata December 10, 2010
Stay away from centa

Unfortunately I have to select a Star rating and there isn't a way to select Zero so I have to pick 1 star.

We rented from Centa for 3 years and at first they seemed ok about fixing things but in the final year it all went downhill.

- Without a working stove for 4 WEEKS! When the repair guy came he brought an electrician with him who told us that we should NOT use that stove as it was a big electrical shock hazard and a fire hazard. Centa paid a cheap fix-it guy to repair it (sort of).

- Our fridge kept breaking down.

- Our furnace died in the middle of winter and we had to wait until after 5pm so we could call their contractor directly for emergency repair.

- A wall socket in the kitchen blew out (sparks flying everywhere) and Centa refused to fix it. Our basement flooded every year due to heavy rain and Centa refused to fix the window it was pouring into. This resulted in toxic mould to grow.
- The livingroom wall was rotting out under the big window causing more mound to grow there.

The list goes on and on. Never once did I meet Fern or Gerry and Fern refused to return my calls. I never even spoke to Fern in the 3 years were were there. I have also spoken to MANY other Centa tenants and they have the same problems. Even spoke with one of their contractors and they confirm the same thing - Centa is only out to collect rent and even the contractors have to fight to get paid on their invoices.

Whenever you see a rental ad with the info to call Gerry at (613) 234-8034 RUN the other way. They never put the company name - I think Gerry does all their advertising online and in the papers.

1.5 star rating
Kin Rowan July 19, 2010
Don't do business with them

Centa Real Estate has very few redeeming qualities. They treat tenants incredibly poorly, and have been taken to court over it - which they lost.
They do not fix anything if they can help it - and when they do the work is sub par at best. Do not listen to promises made by the staff because they will not be honoured. Fern is argumentative and down right insulting to people. Every tenant I have spoken to has the same issues. If you complain then he will do his best to make your life as difficult as possible. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM!

1.5 star rating
Amer Jdue November 21, 2010, (Edited April 17, 2013)
No Comment


1.5 star rating
ain't life grand November 09, 2012, (Edited February 28, 2013)


1.5 star rating
curlymama December 15, 2011
Worst EVER!

We have dealt with centa real estate and Fern. We even took them to court and WON of course. They know him at court and said believe it or not, although he is one of the worst property management companies in ottawa, there is a worse one then him. They dont give a rats a** about their tenants and assume that we are all the scum of the earth. The fact that they dont have a website or even a canada411 listing should have been the first red flag that went off in our heads. He has yelled at me on the phone, used degrading language with me and told me that I was unfortunate for having a sick baby in the NICU! HE makes ME sick! And btw, I only choose a one star rating because unfortunately it doesnt give you the option to select ZERO stars!

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If you are looking to rent for a low price, it is a great opportunity, however if you are looking for a nice place to live that you can call `home`with helpful landlord, then you should run from this company as fast as you can. If you do rent from them, you are going to be stuck with very rude landlord and terrible services. You'll end up fixing up the whole property by yourself at your own... more

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