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1541 Rue Sherbrooke O
Montreal, QC  H3G 1L7

(514) 938-8884

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Commentaires [1]
3 star rating
fiery aries Mettre à jour 07 mars 2009

Si vous voulez un tatoo, c'est la place à aller. Propre et sécuritaire. Des artistes qui prennent le temps de t'écouter.

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3 star rating
27 juillet 2015

A shiny place for shiny things and that's it. A good place to buy jewelry but not to get piercings. Got my belly button pierced there last year, and they used a barbell two sizes too small. Months later my belly button was still bleeding. I had to take the piercing out, let it heal, then get it re-pierced at my usual place.
Skip the bright lights and go somewhere where they know what theyre doing.

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3 star rating
23 mai 2015

Utterly terrible. This place is akin to an infomercial. Snake oil sales all the way. Charming one to sell on thing and sell another. Got a bad piece which cost over 600, now stuck with a tribal tattoo I never wanted as a cover. Would never recommend to anyone to get ink here.

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3 star rating
17 septembre 2014

Smashley Dale did my script tattoo, I'd happily return to her for more work in the future. They seem to have a fairly high turn over rate for artists though, I'm not sure if that is normal.

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